Wednesday, February 28, 2024

ED 510: Crafting Teaching Materials with Tech Generators

In ED 510, students have been harnessing the power of online free technology material generators to craft innovative teaching and learning materials. Stay tuned for a glimpse into their creative process and the resources they've uncovered!

 S Wilkerson – Spring newsletter  

T Clark – Habitats on the moon  

D Acker – Welding terminology 

L Gilliam – Computer science newsletter 

T Miegs – Lady tigers final four send-off 

R Lewis – Pathways to a promising future

A Martinez – Going to college puzzle 

W Beecham – Electrical technology 

K Stern – Let’s have a baby  

R Slack – 5 steps to a great BBQ 

A Robertson – FAME signing day 

M Hays – 10 practices of a mindful leader

ED 510: Exploring Tech Resources for Teaching

 Our ED 510 students have been on a journey discovering technology resources for teaching and learning. Through their diligent efforts, they've curated presentations sharing their findings.

Stay tuned as we unveil their insights and innovative approaches to integrating tech into education!

A Martinez - Unlock the Adventure of QR Codes

D Acker - Augmented Reality


Exploring Technology Management in K-12: Insights from ED 410

In our ED 410 course, students have been diving into the world of technology management in K-12 classrooms. Over the past few weeks, they've delved into various strategies and best practices for integrating technology effectively.

As a culmination of their learning journey,students craft a video presentation summarizing their findings and insights. These presentations offer a concise yet insightful glimpse into the diverse approaches and innovative ideas surrounding technology management in education.

Hope you enjoy this great work by C Copeland.

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Exploring the Flipped Classroom Approach: ED 307 Students' Insights

In the dynamic landscape of K-12 education, the flipped classroom approach emerges as a promising strategy for optimizing classroom time. In our ED 307 course, students have delved into the intricacies of this innovative method.

Having extensively researched the flipped classroom model, students have channeled their understanding into engaging animated videos. These presentations not only showcase their hard work but also offer valuable insights into the practical application of this approach in educational settings.

Join us in exploring the diverse perspectives and creative endeavors of our ED 307 students as they unravel the potential of the flipped classroom approach. 

K Streater - The Flipped Classroom Approach


S Cobb - The Flipped Classroom