Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Teacher Website Time!

ED 305 students have been working all semester on their teacher websites - below are a few I think you will especially enjoy!

N Bihary: The Learning Opportunities are Endless
A Carlton - Physical Education
C Davis - 5th Grade
E Davis - Firstie Fun
K Harris - Pre-K Barnyard
R Hosey - 3rd Grade
L Jackson - Slide into 2nd Grade
M McCormick: Math Marvels
R McDaniel: One of a Kind Learning
C Stegman: Kindergarten
D Warren: Krazy About Kids
L Wooten: A Learning Adventure
M Wooten: 2nd Grade

Monday, April 17, 2017

An investigation into a Partnering Pedagogy

Students in ED 307 have been investigating partnering in the classroom, as discussed by Mark Prensky

The final part of this module included students creating investigative reports about various partnering methodologies. The following video is an excellent investigative report about guided discovery, by B Ellison. Enjoy!

Technology Integration

Students in ED 410/411 have learned a lot about effective technology integration this semester. The lesson plans below are reflections of this.

Enjoy their creative approaches to tech integration -

Civil War
Comparing and Contrasting 
Letters and Sounds 
Alabama Road Trip

Teaching with Technology

ED 305 students have been learning a lot of new content this semester. Most recently they created digital presentations about how to teach using a variety of different technologies.

Enjoy the featured presentations -

R Hosey: Web Quests
K McCormick: Flipped Classroom
C Stegman: Pinboards