Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Technology Integration Management

ED 410/411 students have been learning about technology integration into K-12 classrooms this semester. While having the technology can be wonderful for both teaching and learning, it also adds a new dimension to management.

410/411 students were asked to gather information about best practices for managing technology-infused classrooms - and then present this information via digital presentations. As usual, the information presented was very good, across the board.

However, 25% of the grade was based on creativity of presentation - which is sometimes harder for students than gathering the information. Presenting information creatively often pushes students to take a "step outside of the box" - the following presentations are being recognized for their creative presentation of the information. Enjoy!

K Killingsworth: Technology Management Video
C Wooten: Technology Management Video

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Digital Citizenship

ED 305 students have been learning a lot of new information and skills this semester! Most recently, they learned how to design, create and publish digital lessons using SoftChalk. Lessons featured below have been included because of the great amount of extra work included in them, past assignment requirements. These could be used in K-12 classroom to teach students about digital citizenship.


K Harris: Digital Citizenship - Excellent!
R Hosey: Digital Citizenship - Excellent!
L Jackson: Digital Citizenship Lesson    - Very good.
R McDaniel: Digital Citizenship - Very good.
S Stegman: Digital Citizenship  - Very good.
M Wooten: Digital Citizenship - Very good.
C Davis: Digital Citizenship (missing a few items, but lots of above and beyond work)
E Davis: Digital Citizenship (missing quiz questions, but otherwise, excellent!)
L Wooten: Digital Citizenship (missing a few quiz questions, but otherwise very good!)
M Wooten: Digital Citizenship - (missing a few quiz questions, but otherwise very good!)