Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Digital Lessons

Today's K-12 classrooms have expanded beyond the walls of the physical classroom. Today, teaching and learning takes place anywhere, anytime. In order to deliver quality content to students, it's imperative teacher's are able to create quality digital lessons.

Students in ED 410/411 have been working with SoftChalk, learning to course author engaging and interactive digital lessons.

Enjoy this Bullying Lesson by E Tidwell. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Classroom Tech Management

Today's students are entering classrooms infused with technology - in some schools students are even using their phones for teaching and learning classroom activities. This all sounds great - but you're probably also asking  "HOW DO WE MANAGE THIS?".

Students in ED 410 have been learning about effective classroom technology management - watch this Technology Management presentation by E Tidwell to find the answer to your questions.


Digital Presentation Best Practices

Students in ED 510 have been super busy - learning about technology resources for teaching and learning, then taking that information and designing, creating and presenting digital presentations following best practices.

This Augmented Reality presentation by B Prater is a great example of presentation best practices. Enjoy!