Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Graph, Plan, Organize, Research & Reference

 This week students in ED 510 are reviewing technology resources for graphing, planning, organizing, researching and referencing. Below are some of their self-created submissions - Enjoy!


C Wright 

M Russell 

J Crawford

T Chambers

P Graham

L Johnson

L Jones

 J Haynes

W Hill

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Material Generators

 There are many free, online technology resources that can be used to generate teaching and learning resources for educational classrooms and training purposes. Students in ED 510 have been exploring these resources and creating digital materials to be used in their area of expertise. 

Enjoy viewing their great work!

It's time to TEACH with TECHNOLOGY!

Students in ED 510 investigated resources used for teaching and learning, designed and created digital presentations and captured their presentations using screen capture software. Enjoy viewing their submissions!

K Parks - Gamification 


P Graham - Pinboards

A Carter - eBooks