Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Graph, Plan, Organize, Research & Reference

 This week students in ED 510 are reviewing technology resources for graphing, planning, organizing, researching and referencing. Below are some of their self-created submissions - Enjoy!


C Wright 

M Russell 

J Crawford

T Chambers

P Graham

L Johnson

L Jones

 J Haynes

W Hill

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Material Generators

 There are many free, online technology resources that can be used to generate teaching and learning resources for educational classrooms and training purposes. Students in ED 510 have been exploring these resources and creating digital materials to be used in their area of expertise. 

Enjoy viewing their great work!

It's time to TEACH with TECHNOLOGY!

Students in ED 510 investigated resources used for teaching and learning, designed and created digital presentations and captured their presentations using screen capture software. Enjoy viewing their submissions!

K Parks - Gamification 


P Graham - Pinboards

A Carter - eBooks

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Flipping the Classroom

 Flipping the classroom is an old concept that is recently being revisited by educators. 

Students in ED 307 have been learning how to flip a classroom and the associated benefits and misconceptions. They presented their findings in animated videos. I hope you enjoy their work!

P Davis - Welcome to My Flipped Classroom

A Fox - Flipped Classroom

K Hill - My Flipped Classroom Story


Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Technology Integration Frameworks

Students in ED 410/411 have been learning about technology integration. Specifically, this past week they reviewed a variety of technology integration frameworks and were tasked with presenting information about the frameworks digitally. 

I have featured one student submission below - the reasons this submission are featured include:

  • Introduction of a new model which was not mentioned as required - HEAT Model
  • Some branching in the presentation; not completely linear
  • Slides were well designed, with most only including key words/main ideas
  • Discussed most of the content, instead of reading it

I hope you enjoy learning about the frameworks!

S Rasko - Technology Integration Frameworks

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Technology Integration - What is it?

 This past week students in ED 410/411 began learning about technology integration. Their first assignment was to create a presentation explaining "what it is". 

One student did a particularly good job - not only is the content accurate, but the video is very engaging. 


B Phillips - Technology Integration

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

What are Partnering Pedagogies?

Partnering Pedagogies??? What's that??

Many educators are unfamiliar with this term. To answer the question, watch these video presentations, created by ED 307 students, which present overviews of different types of partnering pedagogies used in K12 classrooms.

Community Service Learning by J Dews

 Team Based Learning by K Gargus

Gamification by D Guinn

Challenge-Based Learning by M Whetstone

Global Collaboration Project by J Howard