Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Teaching with Technology

So many technology resources available......... but how do we effectively use them for teaching, training and learning? Students in ED 305 can help answer this question!

Additionally, both of these presentation are good examples of presentation best practices. The presenter does a good job spreading the information out across multiple zooms/slides, keeping the presentation moving and more engaging to the viewer.

J Riffe Classroom Polling


S Self Teaching with Movies

Free Material Generators

Students in ED 305 have been exploring the web in search of great resources for generating teaching, training & learning materials.

Enjoy their great creations - 

Biology by D McCaulley 

Super students by F Balentine

Why exercise is important by S Self 

Classroom rules by L Rogers 

Monday, October 10, 2022

21st Century Move & Groove


National Academy of Health and Physical Literacy

This presentation is designed to provide teachers with ideas for integrating technology and student-led instruction into the physical education classroom. For this particular presentation a jigsaw teaching method will be used to teach dance sequences. Group members will come together, after learning their particular part, and share with the group. Groups will collaboratively, using creativity and self-expression, choreograph the sequences together into a finished dance routine. 

21st Century Move & Groove handout

Friday, October 7, 2022

Teaching with Technology

There are so many technology resources available today for teaching and training. So how do we use these resources?

Students in ED 510 have been learning about the best practices for using technology to teach/train. Enjoy their great work!

T Kress - Teaching with Movies


N Ricketts – QR Codes