Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Digital Lessons

Students in ED 410/411 have been using their tech savvy skills to create digital lessons for online viewing and completion. Enjoy their hard work*!

The Lifecycle of a Butterfly - K Wales

The 5S Methodology - M Turner

*While these were submitted as part of an assignment in ED 410/411, inclusion on this blog does not mean all assignment requirements were met. If you are viewing these submissions as examples of work for an assignment you are completing, the assignment rubric and instructions should be your final authority.

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Awesome free source material generators!

Students in ED 510 have been reviewing free technology resources for teaching and training material generators. I've linked to some of their work products - Enjoy!

Classroom Technology Management

Classroom management is never easy, but especially not when each student has his/her own device and open access to the Internet. How do teachers manage this powerful resource and optimize it's potential for teaching and learning?

Find out how by viewing ED 410/411 student work products - Hope you enjoy!

M Turner - ED 410

K Wales - ED 410