Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Communication is key!

Websites are great tools for communicating information to our students, employees, and other stakeholders. Students in ED 305 have been creating websites* for this exact purpose - enjoy their great work!

Mrs. Balentine’s First Grade 

D Riffe – Mountain Movers  


*These sites serve as examples. Detailed instructions and requirements are listed in the course and should be followed.

Monday, November 28, 2022

Wonderful you!

Websites are great resources which can be used for many purposes - personal, business and education. Students in ED 510 used a website to create an ePortfolio displaying their technical expertise.

Enjoy their great work!

S Alley - program director and faculty dentist

T Kress - farm and ranch management instructor

N Ricketts - coordinator of student advocacy

Partnering for learning

Partnering for learning is an old teaching technique, but is once again gaining momentum through the use of various methodologies which are active, collaborative and engaging.

Enjoy presentations by ED 307 students about some of these great partnering methodologies.

Place-based learning by L Barnes

Guided Discovery by S Bice

Project-based learning by R Nix

Inquiry-based learning by A Roach

Field-based learning by A Watford

Problem-based learning by C Knott

Team-based learning by C Barksdale 

Discovery learning by C Cruz