Tuesday, February 16, 2021

What??? You've FLIPPED the classroom!!????

 The classroom is FLIPPED?? OH NO!!! What to do???

Students in ED 307 have been learning about the "flipped classroom" approach to instruction. After gathering information, they created animated videos describing the process, pros/cons and misconceptions. 

Enjoy their great work - and get started flipping today!

S Wallace


C Carpenter


M Kennamore


D Lawrence

A Wilbanks

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Technology Integration Frameworks

 Students in ED 410/411 have been learning about technology integration frameworks. This presentation does a GREAT job providing both an overview and an in depth summary of five frameworks, but also includes discussion about application. Enjoy!

R Epps - ED 411

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

What is technology integration?

 Students in ED 410/411 and ED 540 were tasked with responding to these items - 

  1. Technology integration - what it is? what it isn't?
  2. Explain the difference between technology integration, educational technology, instructional technology and information and communication technology.
  3. What's research say about the effect of technology integration on academic achievement and student success?

Responses were captured in video presentations - enjoy!

 M Kennamore (410/411)

B Spangler (410/411)

P Graham (ED 540)


W Hill (ED 540)