Tuesday, April 7, 2015

ED 307 Multimedia Presentations

I have a truly gifted group of ED 307 students this semester....

If asked, I feel certain that each 307 student would state that "ED 307 is a very demanding course." However, these students amazingly meet the challenges of the course, time and time again. I am very proud of each of them, as every student has stepped up in multiple ways throughout the course - I've seen lots of strengths in them that they may not even be aware of.

307s most recent assignment was to construct a multimedia presentation about an assigned partnering methodology. Some of the methodologies are very popular, but others not so much. Regardless, the content presented was very thorough - and I learned a lot of new information by viewing their submissions.

To make the assignment even a bit more difficult - the video standards were set fairly high - requiring students to dig deep and think "outside" the box in regard to presentation format. In my opinion, this was probably the most difficult aspect of the assignment. But again, students really stepped up.

As stated, almost every submission included excellent content coverage, however, the videos below are student submissions that I found most impressive due to the hard work put forth to create a true multimedia viewing experience.
Thanks 307 folks for your continued hard work. Keep it up!

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