Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Flipping the Classroom

ED 307 students have recently been learning about flipping their classrooms. Their work (information gathering and conclusions) was demonstrated through self-created animated videos, which were very well created and interesting to watch. I particularly found the animated presentation featured below interesting, based on the evaluation criteria used, which includes "creativity" and "content" components.

The featured submission is very relevant to what we currently see every time we turn on the TV and/or venture into social media. Additionally, the following information was included in the content, and I found it to be very correct and relevant to the current lesson, the course, and current educational hot topics -

  • Video isn’t what a flipped classroom is all about
  • Constructivism connection
  • Increase interaction and contact time between students and teachers
  • Content permanently archived
  • Personalized education
President Trump Discusses the Flipped Classroom - by K Oswalt

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