Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Materials Generators & Teaching with Technology

This semester's ED 510 students are "showing out" their new technology skills! Check out their teaching with technology presentations and material generator artifacts.

Teaching with Technology

R Chaffin – 3D Printers in Education 
A Chamblee – Mobile Learning 
R Gerloff – Educational Pinboards 
V Horne – Mobile Learning 
B Keeton – Geocaching 
K Swindell – Assistive Technology 

Material Generator Artifacts

R Chaffin – Upward Bound 

K Swindell – Dual Enrollment 
B Keeton – Welding Programs 
T Taylor – Residential Wiring 
R Gerloff – College Fair 
A Chamblee – FAFSA Application 
V Horne – eLearning 
M Kinard – HR Newsletter 
K Harbison – ACT Prep 

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