Thursday, April 5, 2018

Engagement - the special ingredient for increasing online student retention

With the exponential growth in online courses, retention, which has been suggested as one of the greatest weaknesses of online education, is an area of great concern. Studies show that failed retention rates for online college and university graduates range from 20 to 50%, however the number of college students who are participating in online courses continues to increase dramatically despite this likelihood of non-completion.
Student persistence in online courses is related to many reasons, of these, research suggests that both time and relationships rate high on the list. While the instructor may not be able to combat a student’s “time” commitments, it is possible to create positive and trusting online relationships, which begins with student engagement.
Attend this session to learn about the three essential components for building student engagement in online courses and thus, increasing student retention and success.

View the presentation here.
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