Wednesday, March 10, 2021

How Awesome is Teaching!

The really cool thing about educational technology courses, to me, is the amount of content that can be taught/learned in each lesson. For example, students in ED 510 just completed a module covering digital presentations. In this module, not only did they learn to create a presentation, they learned so much more - 

For example, in the Digital Storytelling Presentation featured below, the student learned:

  1. Digital design best practices (how to effectively design a presentation)
  2. Presentation best practices (how to effectively deliver the presentation - voice, tone, engaging the audience)
  3. How to use Prezi
  4. How to use lecture capture software
  5. How to upload a presentation to server space
  6. How to generate a public URL for publishing the video
  7. Creativity - in the design process
  8. Information processing skills - this particular student learned about teaching/learning using “digital storytelling”
    1. How to gather information
    2. Organize the information
    3. Present findings
M Baker - Digital Storytelling

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