Monday, January 23, 2012

Have you joined Edutopia?


If you are following the Pf.T. (philosophical foundations & technology) dept on Twitter (@ASU_Pf_T) or Facebook (Pf.T. Dept.) then you have probably already received this info - but for those of you who aren't...

Be sure to join Edutopia ( they provide lots of free teacher resources, videos and downloadable e-books. They are truly one of educations best friends!!!

Speaking of downloadable e-books, a really great one that I just downloaded from Edutopia is Top Ten Tips for Teaching with News Media. Other free downloads include Six Tips for Brain-Based Learning, Ten Tips for Classroom Management and more! Here's the direct link to the downloadable guides.

I receive no compensation for encouraging you to sign up for this great resource - but I'm a true appreciator of "free educational resources" and believe we should support organizations that provide such great support!


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