Saturday, January 28, 2012

What the future holds.... 3 trends

A great article, Three trends that define the future of teaching and learning, was recently published at Mindshift. This article alludes to the fact that the following 3 trends are a huge part of the future of education - so be sure you are preparing in a way that will embrace each of these:

  1. Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate! Need I say more? Whether it's through social media outlets, in class projects or other technology venues, the future of education includes collaboration!
  2. Tech-Powered - A 21st century classroom finds ways to successfully integrate technology into student teaching and learning. That doesn't mean sticking a PowerPoint presentation here and there, it means that educators will find inventive and purposeful ways to incorporate the digital world into the classroom environment. 
  3. Blended - What a wonderful opportunity for educators. With the emergence of digital technology, the teacher will be free for more one-on-one student attention. Providing blended education allows the student to access classroom lessons and materials 24/7. This is great news for both the teacher and the students!
Check out this article - and take away from it a new mission for finding ways to incorporate these 3 practices into your curriculum!

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