Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Teaching with Technology Presentations

ED 305 students really stepped it up with their teaching with technology presentations. For this project, students are encouraged to implement best practices for creating and delivering digital presentations. Overall the 305 students did a great job. One area of shortcoming for most students was the use of graphics in the presentation - I think this is mostly due to the availability of open-source graphics that matched their content.

One area where just about every student did an outstanding job was with presenting the information. There was VERY little reading of content. Most students discussed their content in a manner that made the presentation enjoyable and easy to listen to and learn from. I've never had a group of students do so well on this particular area.

A few students that I would like to recognize for their submissions are listed below. While these presentations may not be perfect, I've detailed the aspect of the presentation that was particularly good. You will notice that most of these had a nice presentation rhythm, with few extended periods of time on a zoom.

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