Thursday, November 6, 2014

Inquiry-Based Learning Project

ED 307 students completed a module on inquiry-based learning. To begin the lesson, a brief overview was provided, leaving students with many unanswered questions....

    1. What is the student’s role in inquiry-based learning?
    2.  What is the teacher’s role in inquiry-based learning?
    3. What does research say about student achievement/success when using inquiry-based learning?
    4. What are the best practices associated with inquiry-based learning?
    5. What are the steps involved in using inquiry-based learning in the classroom? 

            To answer these questions, students were encouraged to search the Internet for information, determine relevance and correctness of information, and then organize the information in a mind-map, using MindMiester. Students then created digital presentations of their findings.

            307 students complete this assignment each semester, but the presentations linked below are some of the best ever submitted. These students did an OUTSTANDING job - I am very appreciative of their hard work - work that is definitely worth sharing.

            1. Alisha: 
            2. Barbara:
            3. Savannah:
            If you had questions about inquiry-based teaching/learning before watching these videos, I'm sure they are answered now. Way to step up 307 students!!!

            A bit more about MindMiester - it's a must have resource for the classroom. Here's why -
            1. It's a great mind mapping tool that allows multiple forms of media to be attached to the map (videos, links, etc.). 
            2. Lots of design choices
            3. Mind maps can be shared and used collaboratively
            4. MindMiester includes a presentation component
            5. Apple and Android apps available too
            6. And there's a FREE version!! But for those who have a little $$ to spend, there are educator discounts.
            Be sure to check it out.

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