Wednesday, February 4, 2015

My Super Students!

My 305 students are hitting it out of the park early on this semester. Last week they learned about Google Drive, completing an assignment in which they created a document, presentation, and survey, linking the 3 together. Grades were very good overall - so thanks all for your hard work!

This assignment has an "above & beyond" component, providing students with the opportunity to do more than is required for additional points - the following students went the extra mile -

  1. Rachel C
  2. Keri C
  3. Olivia H
  4. Matthew H
  5. Morgan P
  6. Kayla G
  7. Stephanie H
  8. Jada C
  9. Mary F
  10. Christian G
  11. K Shubert
  12. R Duvall
Keep it up 305!

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