Monday, February 23, 2015

Digital Citizenship Lessons

This past week ED 305 students were engaged in creating interactive and engaging digital citizenship lessons using SoftChalk. For many of these students this is their first attempt at writing a full lesson - and it's certainly their first attempt at a digitally published lesson! But they had NO FEAR!

This is a truly special group of 305 students - they are engaged in the content and have a strong desire to achieve great results. At least 90% of the class included "above & beyond" work, as part of their lesson - this means they did more than was required, stepping up to meet the challenges presented to them. What a wonderful character trait - this will serve them well throughout their career.

As is always the case, a few students submitted some truly exceptional work -
These lessons were excellent!

Other lessons that were submitted that either were overall just really good or had a few special bells and whistles include: 

Thanks to the entire 305 group for their hard work! I really appreciate the effort.

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